Ibrahim Hasan Murad participates closing ceremony of Dairy Asia Expo 2023


Provincial Minister for Livestock, Transport and Mines and Minerals Ibrahim Hasan Murad participated in the closing ceremony of the two-day Dairy Asia Expo 2023.

He inspected more than hundred different stalls and interacted with the people to find out the inclination of people towards dairy products.

Organizer Hafiz Muhammad Waseem, while giving a briefing to the provincial minister, said that around 50,000 people participated in the two-day Dairy Asia Expo. a large number of companies related to feeding, breeding, machinery, equipment, medicines and other sectors have set up stalls of their products, while the stalls of welfare institutions were also set up along with government institutions. Various associations of dairy farmers and livestock farmers as well as organizations of veterinary doctors supported it and it is undoubtedly the largest exhibition of dairy, livestock and agriculture in the history of Pakistan.

Talking to the media representatives on this occasion, the provincial minister said that organizing an exhibition like Dairy Asia Expo will help in bringing innovation and development in the dairy industry. He said, without a doubt, dairy and livestock is a very important sector of Pakistan. Dairy and livestock are an important part of our rural population. By organizing such exhibition, the farmers will be aware of modern technology. He said that it is very welcome that there are companies in this exhibition which are manufacturing complete machinery in Pakistan. Apart from this, there are also exporters and importers while this exhibition is providing a platform to all.

Answering the questions of journalists regarding smog, he said that under the direction of Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, transport is being made environment-friendly and are trying to provide quality transport facilities to the people of the province. The Punjab government under the leadership of Chief Minister Punjab has taken revolutionary steps for the automation of the transport sector. Vehicle inspection certificate stations are being established in all districts of Punjab.

Necessary issues for running electric buses in Lahore have been decided. Recently, an agreement has been signed between the Punjab government and the National Highways and Motorway Police and now vehicles without fitness certificates and route permits will not be allowed on motorways and highways. He further said that there will be an exchange of information between the Transport Department and the Motorway Police regarding vehicle fitness and route permits while unregistered rickshaws will be given a period of one month for free registration and after the expiry of this period, unregistered rickshaws will not be allowed on the road.

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