Did US dollar really drop to Rs186?


A technical error on Google Search late Tuesday night showed a sharp decrease in the value of the US dollar against the Pakistani rupee.

People were surprised and perplexed by the situation as the local currency had not recently seen a pronounced comeback.

But it soon became clear that the sharp drop in exchange rates was due to a problem with the website’s search engine rather than any actual movement in the market.

The Pakistani rupee closed at 286.56 against the US dollar on June 6 (Tuesday) in the interbank market. Dollar was trading above Rs300 in the open market but on the website its rate dropped to Rs186.73 due to a technical glitch.

Once the glitch was fixed, the exchange rate was reset to Rs286.72.

This bug has already affected the biggest search engine in the world several times, each time causing users to notice a sharp decrease in the value of the dollar.

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