Crackdown continues against Gas thieves, hundreds of connections are disconnected


Lahore: During the ongoing crackdown against gas theft in various areas of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Islamabad under Sui Northern, 233 more connections were disconnected, 331 under-billing cases were processed.

Fines of more than 34 lakhs have been imposed on people involved in gas theft.

Sui Northern disconnected 17 domestic connections for illegal use of gas and 04 connections for using compressors and processed 164 under-billing cases in Lahore.

In Bahawalpur, the regional team took action and disconnected 08 connections for use of compressors, 03 connections for illegal use of gas, while fines of 0.001 million were also imposed. In Multan, the regional team imposed fines of Rs 10 lakh 53 thousand besides disconnection of 61 connections for illegal usage.

Twenty connections were disconnected and 67 under-billing cases were processed in Sheikhupura for direct usage and illegal extension of gas. Sui Northern disconnected 72 connections for meter tampering, direct usage, illegal connection in Peshawar. Four FIRs were also registered against the thieves in the concerned police station. In Rawalpindi, the regional team disconnected 05 gas connections and processed 12 under-billing cases, while a fine of Rs 4 lakh 50 thousand was also imposed on the thieves. Connection of 4 fake meters disconnected, 20 under billing cases processed in Mardan. The regional team also imposed a fine of Rs 3 lakh 28 thousand on the gas thieves. In Sialkot, two connections were disconnected for illegal use and one commercial under-billing was processed. In Sargodha, 21 under-billing cases were processed while 02 connections were disconnected for illegal usage. In Gujranwala, the regional team processed 23 under-billing cases, 03 meters for illegal use and 04 meters disconnected for use of compressor and imposed fines of 2 lakh 28 thousand rupees. A connection was disconnected during operations in Gujarat on illegal usage. 12 connections were disconnected due to illegal use in the federal capital Islamabad. 08 connections were disconnected due to illegal transfer of line in Sahiwal. The region also imposed fines of 16,000 on theft. In Faisalabad, during the crackdown, 04 meters were disconnected for tampering with meters, 03 meters were disconnected for use of compressors and 23 under-billing cases were processed and fines of 2 lakh 50 thousand were imposed.

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