47,000 social media accounts Blocked


Karachi: Law enforcement agencies have blocked 47,000 social media accounts sharing provocative content along with national integrity.

Law enforcement agencies have received complaints from citizens as well as government agencies that there are more than 50,000 accounts on social media that are sharing content against sensitive organizations. Sharing of provocative content through accounts is also going on, due to which some kind of unpleasant incident may happen.

47 thousand 674 such accounts have been blocked after being pointed out by the citizens as well as the government institutions, which were spreading inflammatory content related to sensitive institutions.

Along with this, hateful content against other sects was being spread from these accounts, followed by 35 thousand 376 on Facebook, 5 thousand 890 on YouTube, 5 thousand 764 on Twitter, 7 on Daily Motion, 89 on Instagram, 6 accounts on Sneek Video, 60 on Likey, 183 on Tik Tok and other social media sites have been blocked.

Legal action is also being taken against the lawbreakers who have hacked these accounts. According to sources, there are still 10,000 accounts on social media from which provocative content against sensitive institutions is being shared.

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