Coercing People to Shout Long Live King!

Kashmiri protestors shout pro-freedom and anti-India slogans during a protest against civilian killings in Kashmir's ongoing summer unrest, in Srinagar on September 9, 2016. - More than 70 civilians have been killed in clashes between protesters and security forces, and thousands more injured in the worst violence to hit the Himalayan region since 2010. (Photo by TAUSEEF MUSTAFA / AFP)

Every sovereign country in the world needs a stringent system of intelligence to keep a vigilant eye and a stern check on various state organs to ensure their smooth functioning, which in turns ensures progress and protection of the people and the state at large. These intelligence agencies play a significant role to thwart the nefarious designs of the enemies, which at times use the local media men, intelligentsia, politicians or other influential personnel (even in forces) to further and implement their agendas in the country.

Moreover, these intelligence agencies work silently at international fronts to protect and promote
interests of the state and preempt and foil the ploys spun against the state by hostile agencies. It
is pertinent to mention here that these agencies, government and other state institutions harbor
mutual respect and trust, knowing that their ultimate goal is good of the state. Very significantly,
the people of the state also trust such organizations, believing that they work for their good and
fight against external adversaries only. World top notch agencies, i.e. The American CIA, British
MI6, Russian KGB, Israeli Mossad , Pakistani ISI ,Indian RAW, all are engaged to defend their
national and international interests. While these agencies have internal mechanisms to eliminate
their enemies abroad, they do not lose the trust of their own people who have this unwavering
faith that such forces do not harm their own them and state.

However, history is a witness to the incidents when in such organizations have been used
against their own people, intimidating and coercing them to change their point of views. . For
instance, KHAD was a premier intelligence and security agency of Afghanistan which served the
interest of the Afghan government during reign of Dr. Najeebullah in 80s.Before coming to
power, Dr. Najeebullah had headed the spy agency and practiced all crafts of controlling the
people. KHAD also functioned as a secret police to protect and promote the interest of the
president and his acolytes. It is believed that during that era, KHAD had such a deep penetration
in public that they would secretly question the common people about their views about President
Najibullah. If they expressed any negative views about the president, they would be lifted,
maltreated and subjected to severe custodial torture; and in certain cases, they were silenced.
Even the school going children were interrogated that if they their families and parents listened
to the news and speeches of president Najibullah on radio or on national TV. Those children,
innocent and straightforward, would respond that their families would switch off the radios and
TVs, whenever there was any message from the president or his speech was telecast. After
having traced the addresses of the respective families, the agents of KHAD would unleash all
cruel tactics to coerce them to appreciate and listen to Dr. Najeebullah, not realizing that the
common folks in Afghanistan deeply detested their president, being a communist and a facilitator
of Russian invasion.
Similarly, in Iran, during reign of shah of Iran, history witnessed a brutal rule of the king and its
secret police, SAVAK, which operated from 1957 to 1979. SAVAK used to censor media and
hunt down the dissidents and political opponents. The secret police would also meet the common
people including women, children and old folks and question them about the rule of the king.
Deeply annoyed and frustrated, the people would chant. Marg Ba Shah, Marg Ba America.
(Death to the King, Death to America), because the majority of Iranian believed that Shah of Iran
was a puppet of America who was oppressing and subjugating his own people.
In this backdrop, it might startle the common readers and the enthusiasts of history that during
reign of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a Nath Force was established. That was an infamous force
comprising ladies who, with the help of police would manhandle and torture ladies of the
opposing political parties or those who expressed dissident views to Bhutto and his political
party. It was the same force that broke arms of both daughters of Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi, father
of Chaudhry Shujaat and uncle of Pervez Elahi. Moreover, the same force brutally tortured
Amna Asghar Khan, wife of Air Marshal Asghar Khan, who was hospitalized owing to acute
injuries. Later, thanks to women wing of JI, Nath force was neutralized.
In the same context, the students of politics and history might recall the establishment of Federal
Security Force (FSF) by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in 1972. The force in question, FSF would torture,
imprison and silence the political opponents and even his closet associated who dissented with
Bhutto’s policies, to ensure his own protection and continuation of his rule. Later, that
infamously brutal force was disbanded by General Zia –ul- Haq in 1977.But, Zia erroneously
recruited some of the members in Airport Security Force, who later facilitated Abdulsalam Tipu,
highjack a PIA plane and force it to Kabul. Raja Anwar in The Terrorist Prince, has mapped all
grisly details.
History has not forgotten the scandalous manhandling of Ameer of Jamat e Islami by secret
police of Bhutto. Later, a naked prostitute was sent to jail to further humiliate and disgrace the
old, Moulana Tufail. It was the same force that shot Dr. Nazir Ahmed, an MNA of Jamat e
Islami in from Dera Ghazi Khan, in front of his clinic. The same force(FSF) also eliminated
Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan Kasuri and Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi.Besides, it was allegedly
involved in disappearance of hundreds of political nonconformists of Bhutto.

The Sharif family is no different in this regard. They have their own Gullu Butts in plain clothes
who break laws attack the security forces and the blames is thrown at leadership of opponent
political parties. For instance, in October 2014, a Gullu Butt was shown by national and global
media, vandalizing the cars of political workers in Lahore with impunity. Such Gullu Butts are
also engaged in smearing campaigns to video the opponents and later blackmail and malign the
political opponents and even people serving in judiciary, media and establishment. Pakistan
Muslim league supremo, Maryam Safder would openly and proudly claim that her party has
videos of people which would be released to show their true colors to the common public. This
proclamation amply underscores the approach and mindset of the party head and her party.
At present Pakistan is passing through the most tumultuous phase of its history. The country is
worst hit by inflation and potentially looming threat of default because IMF and other friendly
countries are acutely reluctant to lend financial assistance amidst such political chaos, blanket
media blackout of a political party (PTI), the largest political party representing the federation,
having firm roots in entire Pakistan. However, the international media and social media activists
in Pakistan are continuously flashing the images of gross violation of fundamental human rights
and rights to differ, protest and freedom of expression. Even the quarters of UN, Amnesty
International and other human rights organizations have voiced serious concerns over these
illegal curbs and gross violations of human rights.
n this situation, Pakistan is fast plunging in a constitutional, economic, and political and law and
order quagmire. Mysteriously, all state institutions seem to have chosen indifference or tactical
support to the forces which seemingly are determined to weaken and ultimately destroy Pakistan.
In this backdrop, the much needed trust amongst people, the state institutions and its agencies
has eroded. Sadly, this chaos has deepened when The Great Game is raging in GB, Waziristan
and Baluchistan and even bitterest rivals, i.e. Saudia and Iran have joined hands. Are there any
saner souls in judiciary establishment, political parties, media or other relevant powerful quarters
who can resolve the crises? Can eighty some millions young, tech-savvy and well-informed, be
coerced to chant Badshah Zindabad, Long Live the King?
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